Big Ten Match Play Championship

Feb. 8 to Feb. 9, 2019 Hosted by University of Wisconsin @ Palm Coast, FL


ASAndrew LewisThru 18Ian MartinAS
ASHenry SpringThru 18
2&1Timmy HildebrandThru 17Nick Carlson
2 upBen DunneThru 18
Brent ItoThru 16
Jarle VoldenThru 16Charlie Pilon3&2

Purdue 1 Round Stats

Stats are re-calculated every 5 minutes.  Does not include stats from those playing as individuals.

Par 3s3.29
Par 4s4.25
Par 5s4.67
Round 1 To Par
Team Totals+3+2+1-3+1+2E+1-1E-1+2+2+2+1E+1+3-3E+13