You can't play the odds if you don't know the odds

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Golfer's Using DECADE Strategy & Statistics

  • PGA Tour Winners
  • Winners
  • 10+ USGA Champions
  • 5 World #1's
  • 5 NCAA Champions
  • Low Amateur - The Masters
  • Low Amateur - British Open
  • PGA Tour Rookie of the Year
  • European Tour Rookie of the Year
  • NCAA Freshman of the Year
  • Rolex Player of the Year
  • Walker Cup Team Members
  • Palmer Cup Team Strategist

Committed Players see 20-40% handicap reduction in a matter of weeks

Learn DECADE Strategy

Get access to the proven and revolutionary DECADE Strategy immediately on your phone through the DECADE app.  Learn how tournament winners manage their game by optimizing course strategy.

Watch the DECADE Strategy Tutorial on any device anywhere and learn what Tour Pros and Amateurs are doing to win golf tournaments.

Continuous Statistical Profile Analysis

After you have entered 5 rounds into the DECADE app, DECADE's game analysis algorithm will continuously analyze your statistics profile and compare it with the thousands of rounds in our database.  DECADE will pin point where you are both losing and gaining strokes to your competition.

DECADE's Statistical Portal will then select custom video content for you based on your statistical profile.

New Content Weekly

Unlike other stats tools on the market, DECADE will constantly bring you new video content on a weekly basis.  DECADE's library grows weekly due to Scott's work with his PGA Tour players and top college programs.

Fresh content ensures continual growth helping to avoid slipping back into old habits.  DECADE evolves with you, helping you achieve your goals.

Learn the difference between DECADE Foundations and DECADE Elite Below


Designed for players with handicap of 10 or better

Advanced Video Game-like Entry

Place your shots directly where they were hit.

Exclusive "Quick Drop" putt placement makes entry lightning fast!

DECADELink and Coaching Moments

See how you played each hole over the course of multiple rounds, just like they do on the PGA Tour.

Our advanced algorithms analyze your game and identify your common, stroke costing, mistakes automatically. Then you can review those in the Coaching Moments section.

Multiple Strokes Gained Benchmarks

Because DECADE is used across all competitive levels of Golf we are the only place you can get Strokes Gained Benchmarks for:

  • LPGA
  • Top 25 College Men
  • Men's College
  • Women's College

You pick your Peer Group and we show you your Strokes Gained to that Peer Group, no more having to compare against PGA Tour only.

FREE Custom Yardage Books

Limited to based on the link of the subscription/renewal. You get 4 Courses per Month to be used at any time. (Except for Team Programs)

With DECADE you can customize your own professional quality Yardage Books.
Then you can print them yourself or work with one of our printers.
  • Approach Rings
    With DECADE #, distance and your Strokes Gained Benchmark expectation value.
  • Driving Rings with Fairway Widths See how wide the fairway is in your landing zone.
  • Carry Distances
    See carry distances to hazards and fairways from your Tee Box
  • Expectation Management
    See your Strokes Gained Benchmark values for your Peer Group in all hazards.
  • Track Stats
    Track your stats easily and quickly right in the book.
  • DECADE Around Green Red Boxes
    Reminders around the Green to enter your DECADE Modifiers in your Practice Round.
  • To Green Clubbing
    +/- values on fairway for yardage adjustment based on elevation difference to Green.
  • Yards/Meters
    Select your Unit of Measure and all distances change automatically.
  • Tee Box Playing
    then all carry and distance numbers will be exact.
  • Driving Distance
    Your blue driving rings with fairway widths will adjust.
  • Notes
    Add Notes to each Hole.
  • Change Zoom
    You can change the 'hole view' from zoomed to entire hole.
  • More Features and Customizations Coming

DECADE Foundations

Since launching the DECADE App three years ago we have learned many things, not the least of which is that it can quickly make virtually anyone a much better player, and it’s a lot for younger or less experienced players to consume. The Elite version of the DECADE App was designed to replace the live DECADE Seminar which is over four hours long and intended for elite players. We did not anticipate all the interest it would generate with junior golfers and mid-handicap players. I guess we should have.

With that in mind we have created DECADE Foundations to replace our Lite product to better serve that audience. Foundations will drastically slow down the avalanche of information within the App. This will more appropriately match the Golf IQ of our subscribers. Over the course of six months the content within the App will walk a player through the basics of course management and mindset slowly morphing into the Elite version of strategy over time. The statistics portal will also start slow and build into a robust and easy to use portal.

Includes 1 Custom Yardage Book per Month

Month 1

Focus Strokes Gained, How Scores Improve, Shot Patterns, Shot Shaping, Putting Realities, How Scores Drop, What is a Target?, AppCast Will Zalatoris

Stats Tracking Tiger Five

Month 2

Focus Patience & Discipline, Recovery Shots, Practice Part 2, Putting Drills, Tiger Talk, Venn Golf, App Cast

Stats Tracking Tiger Five

Month 3

Focus Challenges of Course Management, "Baseline", Water Hazards, Aggressive or Conservative or Neither?

Stats Tracking Tiger Five + Strokes Gained Putting

Month 4

Focus Trouble Spots, Tee Shots, Short Game, Mindset

Stats Tracking Tiger Five + Strokes Gained Putting + Penalty Shots

Month 5

Focus Practice Rounds, Using Yardage Books, Putting it All Together

Stats Tracking Tiger Five + Strokes Gained Putting + Penalty Shots

Month 6 and On

Focus Full DECADE, Wind, Stance, Course Conditions, When to be Aggressive

Stats Tracking Tiger Five + Strokes Gained Putting + Penalty Shots + Mental Scorecard

At the end of 6 Months you can choose to upgrade to DECADE Elite

Player Account

There are two levels for Players: DECADE Foundations and DECADE Elite

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College Account

$1499 for Season + Summer

Get full access to all DECADE Strategy content and revolutionary Statistical Profile Analysis for up to 12 players for the entire season and even through the summer.

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Instructor Account


Get full access to all DECADE Strategy content and revolutionary Statistical Profile Analysis for your students that are using DECADE.  Get your Students using DECADE.

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